Top 5 Herbs To Cure Your Liver

Top 5 Herbs To Cure Your Liver

Milk Thistle

Silymarin, or more known as milk thistle, is the most recommended herb when it comes to treating any liver issue.

It protects this organ from toxins, thanks to the silymarin flavonoid it contains. Moreover, it improves the function of the liver, and repairs any liver damage.


Dandelion is another great herb to treat your liver issues as well as to preserve its health. You can consume it as a tea, or an extract.

Dandelions contain high levels of vitamins and minerals, including potassium, zinc and iron. It stimulates the bile production, and improves the overall health of liver.

Burdock Root

This herb is a blood purifier, and you can consume it as a tea. It stimulates the bile flow and it restores damaged liver cells.

These features make burdock root an excellent choice for those with weakened liver.


Cynarin, or more known as artichoke is beneficial for the production and flow of bile. It significantly reduces the risk of jaundice and prevents the formation of gallstones.


Turmeric is the most analyzed herb due to its wide range of health properties. One of them is the ability to reduce inflammation, which means it’s useful in the treatment of liver aliments related to inflammation.

Adding this herb to your everyday diet is highly recommended if you like to improve the health of your liver.

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