This 30-Day Squat Challenge Will Get Your Body in Shape

quats are an excellent exercise for training multiple muscle groups. They are primarily a lower body exercise and works out our: quadriceps, gluteus maximus, hamstrings, hip adductors, hip abductors, gastrocnemius, soleus, tibias anterior, rectus abdominals and erector spine.

If your goal is to increase the strength and size of your legs and buttocks while developing your core strength this is the best exercise for you.

Here we are going to give you our 30-Day Squats Challenge which will help you achieve your goal faster than you can imagine.

How to Perform the Perfect Basic Squat

  1. Stand tall with your feet hip width apart and your arms down by your side
  2. Push your chest up and out
  3. Start to lower your body back as far as you can by pushing your hips back and bending your knees and pushing your body weight into your heels
  4. As you do this your arms will raise out in front of you for balance
  5. Keep a neutral spine for all the time
  6. The lower body should be parallel with the floor and your chest should be lifted
  7. Keep the position for few seconds and then lift your body up

The 30 Day Squats Challenge

This challenge involves 5 different squats over the 30 days and slowly increases the reps.

You should do:

  1. Basic Squat
  2. Basic Squat with Side Leg Lift
  3. Narrow Squat
  4. Narrow Squat with Back Kick
  5. Sumo Squat

For a period of 30 days, you will do 200 reps.

Note: Make a pause every 4th day and be careful in increasing the numbers of reps.



Things to remember:
• Keep your body straight and rigid.
• Do not let your bottom droop or come up.
• Your nose must almost touch the ground to complete one full pushup.
• Perform your pushups slow and controlled, not rushed.
• Try not to rest in between pushups.
• Make sure you warm up before your begin and stretch afterward.
Day 1 – 5 pushups
Day 2 – 6 pushups
Day 3 – 7 pushups
Day 4 – 8 pushups
Day 5 – 9 pushups
Day 6 – 10 pushups
Day 7 – Rest
Day 8 – 11 pushups
Day 9 – 12 pushups
Day 10 – 13 pushups
Day 11 – 14 pushups
Day 12 – 15 pushups
Day 13 – 16 pushups
Day 14 – Rest
Day 15 – 18 pushups
Day 16 – 20 pushups
Day 17 – 22 pushups
Day 18 – Rest
Day 19 – 26 pushups
Day 20 – 28 pushups
Day 21 – 30 pushups
Day 22 – Rest
Day 23 – 34 pushups
Day 24 – 36 pushups
Day 25 – 38 pushups
Day 26 – 40 pushups
Day 27 – Rest
Day 28 – 45 pushups
In just 28 days, you could be doing 45 or even more push ups in a row. Such a simple workout can provide you with some amazing results. So share this workout with a friend and challenge each other together. If you are still unsure of how to perform that perfect push up, then check out the images below:

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