The Story Behind Your Birth Date! What is Your Birth Number?

Our dates of birth describe who we are, are inborn abilities and what we are good at. Moreover, it points the things that we need to learn and also the challenges that need to be faced.

In order to find out your Birth Number you need to add all of the numbers of your Birth Date, until you reach one digit.


March 20, 1950




Find out your Birth Number, and continue reading this article.

The Originator

The number 1 is the number of the originals. These people always come up with new ideas and executing them comes naturally. Some of their characteristics are arrogance and stubbornness. They are very honest and quite skillful when it comes to diplomacy. These people do not mind taking the initiative and they are often bosses or leaders. One thing that helps them is being self-employed. However, they need to understand that other people have great ideas as well.

Famous 1’s are Raquel Welch, Nancy Reagan, Wynona Judd, Carol Burnett, Hulk Hogan, Robert Redford and Tom Hanks.

The Peacemaker

These people are born diplomats. They often think of other people first rather than to think of themselves, and they are aware of other people’s needs. They are naturally extremely intuitive and analytical, and they hate being alone. Companionship and friendship is very important to them, and can make them more successful. However, they would always choose to be alone, than in a relationship which makes them uncomfortable. These people are shy by nature, and they should learn how to express themselves freely and improve their self-esteem.

Famous 2’s are Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Thomas Edison, Whoopee Goldberg, Madonna, and President Bill Clinton.

The Life of the Party

People with number 3 are idealists. They are extremely easygoing, romantic, charming, social and creative. They start doing a number of things, but don’t always finish them. These people like when other people are happy, and they try hard to make it possible. These people are very idealistic and popular. They need to see the world as it is, and not as they imagine it.

Famous 3’s are Jodi Foster, Salvador Dali, Karen Round Butt, Melanie Griffith, Bill Cosby, Ann Landers and Alan Alder.

The Conservative

These people are traditional and sensible. They like routine and order. These people act when they are sure about the thing they need to do. They work hard and don’t mind getting their hands dirty. These people have a special affinity with nature and love outdoor activities. However, they need to learn how to be nice towards themselves and how to be more flexible.

Famous 4’s are Oprah Winfrey, Paul Hogan, Tina Turner, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Margaret Thatcher and Neil Diamond.

The Nonconformist

These people are explorers. They are enthusiastic, risk-takers, and naturally curious. These characteristics often out them in dangerous situations. They see each situation as a learning possibility and the whole world is seen as their school. However, they like knowing all the facts before taking action.

Famous 5’s are Mark Hail, Helen Keller, Bette Midler, Vincent VanGogh, Jessica Walter, Charlotte Bronte and Abraham Lincoln.

The Romantic

These people need to know they are useful so as to be happy. They are idealistic and strong family ties are very important to them. Other people’s decisions are influenced by their actions. They make excellent teachers and are very loyal. They like music and art, and cherish friendship a lot. However, they need to know that they cannot change everything.

Famous 6’s are Goldie Hawn, Christopher Columbus, Meryl Streep, John Denver, Jane Seymour, and Albert Einstein.

The Intellectual

These are the searchers. They never accept things at face value and always look for hidden information. Their emotions never stand in their way. They hate being questioned themselves, even though they question everything around them. Their motto is that steady and slow is the winning combination. These people come across as very knowledgeable, philosophers and sometimes loners. They are great researchers. They live in a world they create and need to know the things that are acceptable.

Famous 7’s are Princess Diana, Joan Baez, Michael Jackson, Lucille Ball and William Shakespeare.

The Big Shot

These people are the problem solvers. They are decisive, have excellent judgment, they are blunt and to the point and professional. They tend to view people from an objective point. These people need to learn execute their decisions based on their opinions, rather than what others think.

Famous 8’s are Nostradamus, Aretha Franklin, Pablo Picasso, Jane Fonda, George Harrison, Barbara Streisand and Edgar Cayce.

The Performer

These people are natural entertainers. They are very generous and caring, and would give their last penny to help. They are charismatic, and find it easy making friends. These people have different personalities and people around them have difficulty understanding them sometimes. They are very lucky, but can suffer from extremes in mood and fortune. They require a loving foundation to be happy.

Famous 9’s are Elvis Presley, Jimmy Carter. Harrison Ford, Shirley MacLaine, and Albert Schweitzer.

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