If You See These Symptoms, Do An HIV Test Immediately !

HIV is a human retrovirus that causes HIV infection and the AIDS disease. AIDS results in progressive failure of the immune system that allows many chronic diseases to develop and harm the body beyond repair.

HIV is usually transmitted through sexual contact, mother’s milk and blood as well. Here are the common symptoms of an HIV infection you should never ignore:

Weight loss

If you’ve been suddenly losing weight without even trying, there’s definitely something happening in your body. Weight loss is one of the most common symptoms of HIV infection and should be checked by a professional.

Sore throat

The HIV infection destroys the immune system of humans, resulting in frequent sore throat and other similar problems.


Most HIV patients experience splitting headaches that can last for up to a couple of weeks. If your head hurts more often than before, take an HIV test just to be sure that the infection isn’t the problem.

Body pain

Pain in the body and muscles is another common symptom of HIV infection. The pain usually comes as a result of inflammatory diseases, swollen lymph nodes, fibromyalgia and vacuities.


Fever is one of the most recognizable signs of an HIV infection, and is an inflammatory response of the body to the virus.

Swollen lymph nodes

If your lymph nodes are suddenly swollen without an apparent reason, we suggest taking an HIV test at your doctors.

An HIV infection is not something you should ignore – if you recognize the signs above, we suggest visiting a doctor as soon as possible!

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