Recognize These 12 Stroke Signs and Save a Life

Stroke is the lead handicap cause these days. Almost 1/3 of cases are deadly and the rest are disabled for life. This is also the 5th lead cause for death and it will triple in the next 20 years. Age is not defined here and may happen anytime, but mostly after 60.

Cause of stroke

This is no blood supply to the brain. Brain cells with no oxygen die or if not dead, damage memories, loss of memory is seen too and more…

Stroke kinds…

1. Hemorrhagic

From aneurysm that bursts and blood goes to the brain and leaks in blood vessels or makes pressure.

Intracerebral hemorrhage when dead brain cells are seen and vessels are damaged, they leak in the brain and this is due to bad work of veins and arteries in nervous system. If seen in time, this can prevent stroke.

2. Subarachnoid one

Bleeding in between brain and tissues nearby. Due to burst aneurysm or head injuries.

3. Ischemic

From stop in blood flow to brain and blocked blood in vessels. Most common stroke.

4. Embolic

From blood clots and broken artery plaques in blood flow system. When this moves up the brain it goes in the small vessels and cannot go further, so is stuck.

5. Thrombotic

Blood clots make blockage in arteries for blood to the brain.

6. Mini stroke

Short lasting blood blockage with no brain damage. Signs are seen on their own too.

Early stroke signs

  • Pain in one side of legs, body, face, arm
  • Foggy sight
  • Hard time to breathe and swallow
  • Hand tremor that is delayed
  • Balance loss
  • Walk problems
  • Face paralysis
  • Headache
  • Bewilderment
  • Vertigos
  • Speaking problems
  • Fatigue

Stroke preventing?

Over 80% strokes can be prevented! Use these things:

  • Pressure less than 120 with 80
  • BMI 25 and less
  • Half hour workouts few times per week
  • Alcohol just glass per day
  • Blood sugar healthy level
  • No smoking

Stroke? Act fast!

F – face – see if one side drops

A – arms – raise them both and see if one face side drops

S – speech- repeat some words and notice slurring

T -time – call medical help emergency fast

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