Prescription Painkiller Tramadol ‘Claiming More Lives than any other Drug’

Believe it or not, Tramadol, a well-known painkiller, taken by thousands of people daily, takes more lives than any other drug, including cocaine and heroin, according to an eminent pathologist, Professor Jack Crane from Ireland. When taken properly, the painkiller isn’t harmful, however, when mixed with other drugs and alcohols, the consequences may be detrimental.

The Death Toll of Tramadol

In 2016, 33 deaths in Northern Ireland were associated with this drug. Tramadol is used to treat moderate to severe pain and before 2014, it was only available on prescription. But, from 2014, it was reclassified as an illegal class C drug without prescription.

According to anti-drug campaigners, more and more people are turning to the black market. Unless urgent action is taken, as Professor Crane holds, people won’t stop dying. He’s calling for a crackdown on the illegal market and the drug upgraded to class A. He is going to meet with the chief medical officer of Northern Ireland later this month to push for change.

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