This Is Why Pregnant Lady/Woman Needs To Make Love Almost Daily!

Every woman looks forward to conceiving her own child, they say the gift of motherhood is the greatest joy any woman can ever feel. While some women view pregnancy as a burden they must carry, others view the changes that occur in their bodies with awe.

Pregnancy is not so easy, while carrying a child for nine months can be stressful, there are several perks attached that can help relieve the stress. You must have heard that s.ex during pregnancy should be avoided, bla, bla, bla, truth is s.ex during pregnancy might just be the best s.ex you will ever have, which helps to strengthen the muscles she needs for labor and after delivery.

1. Lowers Blood Pressure

Not many people know that sex during pregnancy helps in the reduction of the blood pressure. Everyone should know that oxytocin, also known as the love hormone, which is being released during sex, is a great stress reliever. This hormone can also help you eliminate the tension that has been accumulated. In other words, your blood pressure will be kept at a healthy level. People should be aware that sex during pregnancy is going to make you feel calmer and what is even more important, it will reduce the risk of a heart attack.

2. Enables Sound Sleep

Many people already know that women frequently experience various discomforts while they are pregnant, starting from pain in the back to frequent urination. Also, the sleeping hours of women become shorter during this period because the fetus grows in the womb.

Hence, you should know that experiencing an orgasm will surely help you feel wonderful and fall asleep more easily. In this way, sex during pregnancy represents an excellent way for women to get sound sleep.

3. Increases Intimacy

Sex during pregnancy can improve the relationship between the wife and husband. The released hormone oxytocin can make pregnant women more supportive, trusting, and sympathetic, thus making both partners to get closer.

4. Reduces pain

The blood flow to the pelvic area, sensitivity, and lubrication can be increased by certain hormones like oestrogenand progesterone and prolactin.

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