This Is Why You Should Not Throw Away The Pineapple Peel!

Pineapple is one very popular and very delicious tropical fruit. It`s very significant plant from the “Bromeliad” group of fruits.

It`s unique form is due to the web of a lot of single coalesced berries concentrated around the core, every scale being an individual berry.  A part from the fact that it is a very sweet fruit and delicious too, the pineapple is also very healthy because it has a lot of beneficial properties that are good for your health and for your body, so it`s very important to include it in your everyday diet.

Usually people eat only the berries but you can eat even the peel.

The main component of the pineapple is the enzyme bromelian. Also contains manganese, dietary fiber and vitamin C, thiamine and vitamin B which are great for your health.  All of these compounds of the pineapple have a very important role for your health and can help in the treatments and prevention of various clinical disorders.

This fruit is very low on cholesterol and sodium and it`s fat free.



Thanks to the enzyme bromelian, which is contained mostly in the core of the pineapple, this fruit has anti-inflammatory properties and it can help in case of severe inflammations. It can be used for treatments of sports injuries.

It`s great for the heart

Studies from Finland and China show that this fruit is great for the heart and for prevention of coronary disease because it contains a lot of vitamin C which is highly effective in the treatments of heart problems.

Pineapple is great for treating fertility

The pineapple has so many great elements that are very effective and needed when it comes to treating fertility for both man and women. It contains different minerals and vitamins like vitamin C, folic acid, copper, beta-carotene and zinc.


Being rich on bromelian this fruit is used in treatments of cancer. This enzyme helps the process of chemotherapy and it`s effective in preventing cancer cells to continue growing. Since it contains beta-carotene, the pineapple can be taken for prevention for cancer because it protects the prostate and the colon.


During the digestion process of the pineapple the beta-carotene which is contained in the fruit converts into vitamin A. Some studies show that the beta-carotene is very helpful in the prevention of asthma.


The pineapple, having anti-inflammatory properties, is highly recommended for osteoarthritis. It`s great for the treatment of this condition.

For prevention of cataracts

One of the vitamins which are great and powerful when it comes to protecting your vision is the vitamin C and this fruit contains a lot of it. Consuming vitamin C on regular bases diminishes the risk of developing cataracts.

Here is a recipe for homemade pineapple juice and the ingredients that you need.


1 pineapple

1 liter of water, filtered



First of all wash the pineapple. Cut the crown off and separate the fruit meat from the peel. Put the pineapple peel and some water in a pan and boil it. Add some pineapple pulp to the peel and cook them together.

Put aside the mixture and let it cool. Once cooled add the 1 liter of water. Add the sweetener if you want for taste. Strain the mixture and the juice is ready. Enjoy!

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