Know These 10 Things and Never See a Spider Again in Your Kitchen, Bedroom or Bathroom

No one likes spiders and bugs in the home, so we all want solutions for repelling these insects. You have to buy market commercial items that are loaded with chemicals, but you can also remove such insects with natural solutions.

Supposedly, spiders hate smells and do not like smell of mint and similar. Try these natural methods and say bye to spiders.

1. Citrus

Rub some citrus peel or orange and lemon peel where spiders go. Also use lemon scent polish for furniture too.

2. Tobacco

They hate this smell too, so sprinkle some bits tobacco on those areas, or soak the tobacco in water and spray this in the house.

3. Cedar

Insects all hate cedar, so use cedar blocks in the closets, drawers and hidden cabinet spaces.

4. Mint oil

This oil is maybe the best. Mix it with some water and put this in spray bottle for the house spraying. This will keep spiders far away.


Distribute them on every window sill.

6. Vinegar

Spray vinegar in every room.

7. Get a cat

Cats are superb hunters and they chase or catch rats, mice, spiders and big insects. They do not like crawling small things.

8. Clean house

A good home hygiene is vital here to see less and less cobwebs. Vacuum often and leave them without source of food!

9. Never let them in

If the yard has no leaves around, grass residue and is clean, you won’t worry about spiders. Also see every window, door and openings too.

This natural repellent is amazing and the best DIY remedy for this issue.

You need:

  • 40 drops mint oil
  • 1 cup white vinegar
  • 2 cups water


Get the spray bottle and mix all items. Shake it up and spray in the air, on doors, furniture, windows, crevices and more.

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