The Human Heart Starts Beating 16 DAYS AFTER Conception

The Human Heart Starts Beating 16 DAYS AFTER Conception

The human heart over the average life, beats around three billion times, but to this very day, it is unclear how the process of it’s work actually starts.
Previous studies indicated that blood starts pumping the 21st day of life, but we found out that it’s not true.

Scientists from Oxford University concluded that the embryonic heart begins to beat 16 days after conception. Monitoring of early functioning of the cardiovascular system in an embryo is quite complicated task, so in this study, scientists used laboratory mice.

The Human Heart Starts Beating 16 DAYS AFTER Conception

Experts thought that mice embryos begin to pump blood on the eighth day after conception, corresponding to the human embryo 21 days old, in which primitive heart has shape alike a tube.

However, the most accurate research for the development of the heart of mice showed that the pump starts working on the seventh day, which corresponds to the 16th day of development of the human embryo.

– The discovery of these details from the early stage of heart, we can understand how the heart problems are created, and a way to approach to prevent their emergence during pregnancy, explains Professor Paul Riley of the University of Oxford.

In order to record the heart’s work in such a small body, scientists followed the movement of molecules of calcium, which plays an important role in the biochemistry of mice, humans, and most of the other beings on the planet. In particular, the calcium ion plays a key role in the work of the heart muscle.

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