Is it healthy to share headphones with other people?

Sharing your headphones with other people can be very dangerous. Take a look why …

The ears are filled with wax, dead skin cells and bacteria, and sharing headphones leads to the exchange of these substances, but also contributes to the development of numerous infections.

Over the last few years the popularity of headphones is becoming greater. They are practical, discreet, and those more expensive offer great sound. However, the headset is also a source of significant health problems with the ears of those who use them regularly, in a completely wrong way.

Is it healthy to share headphones with other people

Headphones certainly can not be washed, thus, may be the source of many infections. The research which was published in the journal “Journal of Health and Allied Sciences found that the average user, has 40 percent more bacteria in the ear canal, unlike those who do not use headphones.

If your ears have too many bacteria, they can cause serious health problems, including total loss of hearing.

Frequent use of headphones that were previously used by other people, contribute to ears becoming more susceptible to various infections.

According to the doctors, people that share their headphones with other people have bigger chance of getting an infection on their otitis externa.

The best way to avoid infection of the ear canal, as per the experts, is to regularly clean the headset and avoid sharing them with others. For disinfection, first remove the residue of wax, then wipe them with a cotton which was previously soaked in disinfectant rinse or alcohol. And thus, even if you do not share your headset with others, you need daily to clean them with alcohol.

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