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About 20 million Americans have kidney disease or are at risk for developing kidney disease. Professionals claim, that major kidney damage, is caused by a progressive unhealthy lifestyle. Next, we want to talk about the 10 habits that damage the kidneys, so you can thus, prevent kidney damage.

10 habits that irreparably damage the kidneys

There are various types of warning signs that your kidneys are in danger. When our renal system has been affected, we will begin to suffer from various types of diseases, such as cardiovascular problems, arterial problems, among others. To prevent this, it is necessary to know which are the habits that damage the kidneys. Many of us, we realize them day by day, without knowing how really harmful they can become for our health.

Let’s see below, which are the 10 main habits that damage the kidneys.

1. Smoking

Smoking is a habit that brings to our health a huge diversity of problems. People who smoke are at higher risk for high blood pressure, as well as suffering from cardiovascular problems.

Smoking, narrows blood vessels, increases heart rate, damages arteries and causes kidney damage. Undoubtedly, this is one of the main habits that damage the kidneys.

Particularly the diabetic people can suffer seriously the consequences of this more habit. Smokers are much more likely to suffer from impaired renal function compared to nonsmokers.

2. Keep urinating

By putting up with the urge to urinate for a long time, our kidneys will be forced to retain all the toxins that would have to be expelled. If this habit becomes frequent, over time it can trigger serious illness, such as kidney stones, incontinence and other types of kidney failure.

3. Excesses of sweet foods

Foods and substances with excess fructose, such as sweet desserts, snacks, soda, and sweets, can lead to a sudden increase in uric acid if consumed excessively. This, in turn, could cause cardiorenal diseases in our organism.

Diabetics are particularly prone to kidney failure.

4. Do not maintain blood pressure control

This is another of the most common habits that damage the kidneys, without our realizing it. Hypertension is one of the main causes of kidney damage. It is always necessary to keep a regular follow-up of our blood pressure levels.

5. Excessive intake of medications

Some medications can lead to serious kidney problems if they are not taken in a pre-established way. This is why it is very important to follow the doctor’s instructions step by step when taking any medication.

In addition, certain drugs can irreversibly damage our renal system, when ingested continuously. This is the case, for example, of drugs such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and paracetamol. Antibiotics such as aminoglycosides, amphotericin B, cephalosporins, bacitracin, and vancomycin may also have the same effects in our organism.

6. Sudden weight loss

There is no doubt that physical exercise benefits our organism in a large number of aspects. However, several studies have confirmed that when weight loss occurs very suddenly, our kidneys may suffer from an abrupt imbalance of body mass.

People who are extremely obese should take certain precautions when exercising to lose weight.

7. Bad eating habits

A good diet will always depend on the state of our renal system. There are foods that should be completely discarded from our diet plan if we suffer from any type of kidney disease.

Foods to avoid if we have kidney problems:

-Whole grains, with high phosphorus content
-Bran cereals
-Fish and Red Meat
-Vegetables and fruits such as tomato, potato, banana and orange

Foods that we should consume, if we have kidney problems:

-Vegetables and fruits such as apple, peach, carrot and green beans
-Cereals made from rice and corn
-Milk rice (instead of dairy products)
-Protein (at moderate levels)

In addition, foods that promote cardiovascular health are also highly recommended, when it comes to protecting kidney health and preventing any kind of harm related to this area of the organism.

8. Excessive consumption of alcohol

One of the main functions of the kidneys is to filter the toxins present in the harmful substances that remain inside our organism. When we drink alcohol excessively, our renal system saturates and works under enormous pressure, which can lead to serious kidney damage.

Besides all, alcohol is a purely dehydrating substance, which upon entering our organism, will begin to appropriate all the liquid present there, thus hindering the functions of all organs, particularly those that are part of the renal system and hepatic.

Drinking alcohol is one of the main habits that damage the kidneys.

9. Excessive consumption of salt

The high levels of sodium in the organism, contribute to cause serious problems of arterial hypertension, which in turn, will cause kidney problems. It is essential, to level the consumption of salt in our food.

In general, canned and preserved foods are those with the highest accumulated salt levels. Instead, you should always eat fresh foods, such as fruits and vegetables, or prepared meals at home.

10. Lack of water in the organism

The kidneys require, above all, an abundant level of water in the organism, to carry out their work. A hydrated organism will guarantee above all, the immediate elimination of toxins and bacteria.

These 10 habits that damage the kidneys day by day, should be avoided if what is wanted is to maintain good renal health.

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