How to Give a Full Body Massage [INFOGRAPHIC]

How to Massage in Any Part of the Body?

There are many benefits concerned with body massage but the person who is doing massage should have awareness of how to do it in a perfect manner. Most importantly, the reduction of anxiety level and is not only good for mental health but also beneficial for the physical benefits. Massage improves blood circulation, promoting skin health and maintains the immune system.

Rules For How To Give A Full Body Massage

Before starting a proper massage, you should take a note on various important guidelines for the best possible experience of being able to do massage.

  1. Do No Harm:

It is necessary for you that you should make your mind that the movements of the hands must be done and the pressure points you cannot push too much. You can predict this point as a number one rule of massages.

  1. Use The Whole Body:

Use whole body correctly for the massage like hands, elbows, etc. You should be sure to apply the amount of pressure required in each zone.

  1. Think About The Points To Try:

While running your hands on the body, try to imagine the muscles under the skin. Focus the areas where the muscles are contracted.

  1. Encourage Your Creativity:

You should be creative for the massage that it should be relaxing. But it should always be painless.

  1. Focus On The Other Person:

While massaging, you should focus on the other person so you do not have to think about politics, sports on the street or somewhere else.

  1. Leave Your Mind Blank:

When you know the technique and movements are well polished, leave your stress and thoughts aside.

In the following infographic you will learn how to give a full body massage:

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