Full Body Workout At Home

The belly fat is visceral and hypodermic fat. The visceral fat is deep fat and bad, covers vital organs severely. It makes more risk of diabetes and affects insulin resistance too.

The fat gives off leptin hormone for appetite, learning, memory and studies proved this fat makes more risk of dementia.

It is hard to remove this fat, but with efforts and diet alterations, you can remove it in 3 weeks.

Belly melting workouts

This involves 3 levels: beginner, intermediate level and advanced level. Make these 9 workouts daily and get amazing results. Start first with basic level and increase with time.

Beginner level

1. Butterfly crunch

Lie on the back and the under parts of feet touch each other. Put them close as much as you can. The hands are under the head, chest are off the ground, but lower back is not pulled up, return to start. 3 sets 10 reps.

2. Hip lift

Lie on left side, knees are bent and left elbow supports the body. Lift the right arm, pull the left hip. Lower the hip and slow down on floor. 2 sets and 15 reps. Also try with legs straight.

3. Front plank

Start on hands and knees, pull chest down, forearms touch floor, elbows are aligned to shoulders. Transfer weight on toes, pull knees slowly. Flex glutes and legs are straight. Keep this for 30 seconds and increase time.

4. Toe touch

For rectus abdominus. Lie down on back, lift legs above hips, arms are above shoulders. Breathe out and reach toes with fingers. Hands are back to start, shoulder blades never touch ground. Abs are tight. 2 sets 15 reps.

5. Scissor lift

For obliques. Lie down on back, arms are near you, palms are to the ground. Pull legs up and knees are 90 degrees. Lift legs and lower the right leg. Switch them for 2 min and pause 1 min. 3 sets.

6. Resistance bent knee tuck

For transverse abdominals. Get a chair and brace between the backrests. Hold elbows, bend them, relax the neck and shoulders, lift chest and head. Abs are flexed, knees bent slowly, lift them to chest. Take them down but not to ground. 3 sets 15 reps.

Advanced level

1. Knee ups

For rectus abdominus. Be between backrests of 2 chairs, elbows are bent, shoulders down, neck relaxed. Head and chest elevated.

2. Russian twist

Sit down on floor, bend knees, back is straight. Stretch arms, pull heels off ground, balance on tailbone. Rotate arms left and right, 3 sets 2 reps.

3. Ball leg lift

For transverse abdominals. Lie down and arms are at sides. Bend knees with in between ankle ball. Legs are 45 degree stretch and pulled down slowly, not to ground. 2 sets 20 or 30 reps.

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