Here Is What Your Fingernail Moons Say About Your Health

Our fingernails come with light area in the bottom of the nail and the areas are called moons or lunula. They can change size, color and shape. Such change can mean that something is wrong in the body. Sometimes it can be a proneness to its emergence or presence of disease. In this article, we will show you what that changes might mean.

*A change on only one finger*

In most cases, the lunula that is located on the little finger should be barely noticeable or non-existent. It is linked to the kidneys, small intestine and the heart performance. If the moon is increased, it is usually linked to hypertension. The middle finger is linked to the brain and cardiovascular system’s performance. If the moon isn’t present at all, it can be a hypertension and cardiovascular issues.  The ring finger is linked to the reproductive and lymphatic system’s performance. It is the most noticeable moon, but it shouldn’t cover more than 25 percent of the nail. It is smaller in those who smoke tobacco and bigger in those who experience arterial hypertension. The index finger moon can become smaller or go away in people with poor function of the intestine, pancreas or ENT diseases.

*Large lunula*

The moon is considered large when it covers more than 30 percent of the nail. It suggests presence of heartbeat irregularities, low blood pressure and/or cardiovascular issues. This is common in those who work physical jobs or in athletes. If there is a large moon but the person isn’t physically active it means that the person is experiencing a lot of pressure and stress.

*Small lunula*

The small moons suggest presence of low blood pressure and circulatory problems. It indicated lack of iron and vitamin B12, poor immune system and/or bad metabolism. If the moon is separated from the other nail plate elements and there are also transverse lines, it means that the levels of your blood sugar are increased.

*Absence of lunula*

Many people do not have lunulas because they have specific physiological nail profile. Its disappearance that has occurred suddenly is considered of being symptoms of circulatory issue. It was confirmed by a scientific study that the disappearance of lunula is linked to problems with the thyroid gland and lack of B12 and iron.

*Color changing*

The white color is healthy and natural. It must be few shades lighter than the skin. The gray moon means that there are digestion issues, nutrient absorption issues and fatigue. Pink or red color may indicate inadequate physical activity and lung issues. Purple color indicates lack of oxygen and improper blood circulation. Those with purple moon can expect dizziness and headaches.  The black moon is rare and it usually indicates serious health issues. It comes as a result of metal poisoning or some other problems.

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