Exercise that burns 6 times more calories than running

Exercise that burns 6 times more calories than running

We all know that running is recommended for burning calories and losing weight.

But what no one tells you that the opposite jogging or running backwards is even more effective.

Running backwards is an effective and difficult exercise which reduces the chances of injuries and helps you easily tighten your lower body.

Does it helps in weight loss?

Not only it burns more calories, running backwards activates all possible muscle groups, especially your quadriceps.

Purely for comparison, 100 steps backwards is equivalent to 1,000 steps in normal walking. A step backwards on a treadmill is equal to 6 steps forward. Sounds great!

Exercise that burns 6 times more calories than running

What do you get if you run backwards?

Toned leg muscles – This is an ideal way to shape the lower body without putting pressure on your knees.

Reduces the chance of injury – Running back does not have an aggressive impact on your legs and provides a excellent balance for all muscle groups.

Develops peripheral vision and balance – For running backwards balance is required, because you can not see where you run. So, you will develop other senses.

It is great for the brain – Changing the routine exercise and muscle movement in the opposite direction forces the brain to think differently.

Improves posture – When running back, naturally, your posture is straight,so this way it is easier to turn this into a habit and improve your posture.

Tightens the abdominal muscles – When you run with straight posture, abdominal muscles are just as involved as the legs.

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