Dust Mites in the Bed Make You Sick – Remove Them and Kill Them This Way

Dust mites are small bugs and they live in the beds, carpets and furniture. They feed on human dead cells and they infest 4 of 5 homes in USA and make many allergies, asthma, health problems, skin issues and more.

The common signs are runny nose, red eyes, itchiness, swelling, blue skin under eyes, itchy nose, sneezing, throat itchiness, cough, congestion, facial pain.

Those with asthma have hard breathing, pain in chest, wheezing, bad sleeping, more colds.

These mites are kept far away with regular vacuuming and washed sheets, also clean pillow, mattress too. If the vacuum has no HEPA filter, mites will come back.

A good way to remove them is with eucalyptus spray.

You need:

  • 2 cups water, distilled
  • 15-30 drops eucalyptus oil


Mix them both in spray bottle. Spray this on areas that are not easy washed  like bedroom spaces, and then hang them to dry in a warm place. Mold growth is better in humid places, know this. The cause of this is not known yet. But this oil used can remove dust mites effectively.

Sadly, this oil is not good for kids under age 10. Other oils are also good and safe for this use, like fennel and clove oil and they are good for kids under 2.

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