Cure These 7 issues With The Incredible Source Of Strength – Tangerine Peel

Mandarin or tangerine is a sweet juicy citrus fruit with large amounts of nutrients and vitamins, making in ideal choice for snack.

Its essential oils are used in the perfume industry, but most of the people are unaware of the hidden properties of this fruit, especially its peel! People often ignore the medicinal health benefits of it.

How To Use Tangerine Peel To Help Your Body

Since it is full of healthy nutrients and vitamins, tangerine peel is excellent for a healthy liver, blood sugar, good cholesterol etc.

It also aids better digestion of fatty foods and helps the health of your digestive tract.

Here is how to prepare tangerine peel in order to cure the following issues:

Nasal Congestion

Place several fresh peels in a bowl with small mouth and add baling water. Breathe the vapor from the bowl for 10 min!


Leave the husks dry in tiny pieces, place them in a glass of hot water and let it stay for 7 days. After this period of time take 20 drops of this mixture, dissolve them in a glass of water and consume it before every meal – 3 times on a daily basis.


Put 2 tbsp of the peel in galas of hot boiled water, let it stay for 60 min and then consume it. Consume it 3 times per day in order to eliminate this condition fast and naturally.

Foot Fungus

Rub the affected part of the foot with this peel for 7 days and get rid of foot fungus.

Digestive Issues

Grate the peel of the fruit and combine it with your smoothie, soup, pasta etc.

Sleeping Issues and Physical Exhaustion

Relive mild headaches by breathing the aroma of mandarin peels for 15 min.

Tachycardia and Hypertension

Add a glass of fresh mandarin peel in 3 liters of water, bring it to a baling point and then let it stay for 60 min. strain the mixture and use it to give a warm bath throughout the body. Perform this procedure every second day.

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