Blowing On Your Thumb, Here Are The Amazing Effects In Your Body!

Our body is the greatest gift that we had ever received which is given by God. The body that we have contains mystery wherein even science was not able to find the answers. For instance, there are sore joints that were able to trigger the healing of other sickness.

The good thing is that you can apply some tricks to relieve your sore throat, clear stuffy nose and treat other illness. By simple stimulating certain spots, focusing on some other parts, and applying some handy tricks, you will be able to treat the most irritating ailments, stress and aches.

Soothe a Scratchy Throat

Gargling salty solution can relieve the pain temporarily. But, what should you do in order to get rid of the tickle in your throat?

In an interview about Men’s Health, Dr. Scott Schaffer, M.D, the president of an ear, nose and throat specialty center, has revealed the secret of the most effective throat relief. According to Dr. Schaffer, scratching your ear is the best thing to do in order to soothe a scratchy throat

“When the nerves in the ear are stimulated, it creates a reflex in the throat that can cause a muscle spasm. This spasm relieves the tickle.” explains the doctor.

Cool your Nerves

Applying this simple trick will definitely help you relieve your stress. All you have to do is to simply splash ice-cold water in your face and by doing the so, the cold will help you hold your breath. The icy feeling will actually fool the brain in order to trigger its “mammalian diving reflex”. It will help the body use oxygen even better that will make you calm.

Dealing with needles without any fear

If you are going to give blood but too afraid to have your arm pricked by needle, and then all you have to do is to cough just a little right before the needle goes in. This distraction will divert your mind and attention from any pain that you have been afraid of.

You just have to make sure to tell the nurse what you are up to in order to avoid misunderstanding and undesired complications.

Clear Stuffy Nose

Having a stuffy nose makes things worse and gets you easily irritated. To avoid this irritation, take turns pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth and press your index finger against each of your eyebrows.
The pressure on your vomer will actually trigger a back and forth motions that will help loosen up the mucus. Only after 20 seconds, you will be able to breath easily.

Relieve toothaches instantly

Having sensitive teeth is very annoying and may cause irritation, but this trick will help you out to ease the pain instantly. Once you have felt that the pain is on its way, simply get an ice pack and put it at the back of your hand. Rub it back and forth against the area between your thumb and index finger.

Get rid of nervousness

If you are looking for a way in order to prevent and calm those wild butterflies in your stomach, then you have to try the trick that we have. Blow on your thumb to calm your nerves instantly.

Relieve Migraine in a few seconds

Migraines are serious pain that makes you live your life uneasy. But this ancient technique will free you of the pounding nightmare which involves using pressure points.

Stimulate the same spot between your thumb and index finger using the thumb and fore finger of your other hand. Apply a little pressure and hold it for about 2 minutes on each side.

Circular motion is more effective and works better. This technique will improve the flow of your blood to your neck and head, and will unlock all the blocked up energy.

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