Your Blood Type Reveals Which Disorder Threatens Your Body

What is your blood group – A, B, AB or 0? Scientists say precisely it may depend on which direction your life will go and what you may have more trouble unlike people with other blood types.

Here are their five scientific theories:

1. Mosquitoes Magnet

People with blood group 0, are twice as likely to be targets for mosquitoes, say researchers from Japan. But despite this, people with this blood type have the smallest chance of developing the deadliest form of malaria – a disease that mosquitoes carry.

2. Good or Bad Metabolism

The Bacteria in the intestines and how it affect the quality of life for poor digestion and slow metabolism impair overall health. Researchers found that these problems can be divided into three different categories, depending on the blood group. However, this claim they failed to prove.

Your Blood Type Reveals Which Disorder Threatens Your Body

However, experts from Finland consider that there is a certain link between blood groups and specific types of bacteria living in the intestines. If they had solid evidence, the doctors may recommend a diet depending on blood type which that specific patient has. Scientists from Finland will continue to work on detailed research about this finding.

3. Alcoholism

Some studies from the 70s and 80s found a connection between blood type A susceptibility to alcoholism, and the presence of certain antigens in the immune system that react to alcohol differently apart from all other blood types.

4. Stress Magnet

Stress usually affects the very people who have blood type 0. This was published in The US Veterans Agency. The explanation says that the level of cortisol (stress hormone) is greater in people of this blood type than in all the rest.

Your Blood Type Reveals Which Disorder Threatens Your Body

5. Obsessive compulsive disorder

The Neuropsychobiology magazine published a study that shows that people with blood type A are susceptible to developing the OCM behavioral disorder, but they are still doing researches to confirm their theory. Experts from Japan managed to find a connection between blood type and the perseverance and diligence.


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