Acupressure Points For Overall Health

Acupressure Points For Overall Health


Applying pressure to the upper portion of the palm eases out lung related issues such as asthma and bronchitis.


Pressing at the intersection of your index finger and middle finger is effective for eye related issues like cataract, color blindness and night blindness.


Pressing at the intersection of your ring and pinky finger cures an infection sore throat, water in the ear and ear wax build up.


If upper or lower sinuses are congested or inflamed, pressure relieves referred pain such as headaches, toothaches, unclear thinking and cold.

Uterus and Penis

Applying pressure on the left section of your wrist is effective for uterus issues in women, better prostate as well as penis troubles in men.


Pressing at the left bottom part of your palm is effective for kidney, thyroid, parathyroid problems and increases blood flow to the kidneys.

Colon and Intestines

Pressing at the lower right section of your palm eases out the colon and intestine issues. Acupressure can improve several digestive disorders.

Urinary Bladder

The lowest midpoint of your palm serves the best acupressure point for urinary bladder. Applying pressure on the point can open the flow of energy.


Pressing at this tiny spot on your palm relieves muscular tension, stiff necks, fatigue and shoulder pain.

Liver and Gallbladder

The left section of your palm is the best acupressure zone for the liver and gall bladder issues as it is directly connected to your liver.

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