90% of Weight Loss is Diet: These 24 Foods Will Help You Blast Belly Fat, Lose Weight, And Keep it Off For Good

It is very important to be on a good diet in order to lose weight, because 80-90 % of losing weight relies on the type of food we intake.  But you can only incorporate a healthy diet, and not follow a strict diet where almost everything is forbidden.

Change your lifestyle and turn towards healthy things, avoid bad food and eat healthy food, and pay attention to how much food you eat and the time when you eat.

Here is a list of 25 healthy foods that are helpful in losing weight, and you should eat these foods and burn fat at the same time.

  1. Avocado

Avocados are rich in nutrients and contain little sugar. One study, which was published in the Nutritional journal, proved that we can lower the hunger by 40% for several hours after we eat ½ fresh avocado.

Avocado can also be incorporated in the salad as well as avocado-based oil and it will augment the carotenoid absorption by 3 to 5 times. It can also improve the metabolism and boost the energy due to its rich content of monounsaturated fats.

  1. Beans and Legumes

Legumes and beans are abundant in fiber and protein, and they go through the digestive tract very slowly, providing a feeling of satiety, and they can also hinder hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia and regulate blood sugar.

They can also increase the production of cholecystoknin – powerful appetite suppressant and also improve the balance of micro-organisms.

  1. Berries

Blueberries are rich in antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and K and they have little calories and sugar. They are also abundant in dietary fiber, which is powerful in decelerating the absorption of sugar and gives a feeling of satiety.

  1. Pear and apple

Apples and pear are very rich in fiber, and contain almost no calories. For example, a medium size apple contains 95 calories – which is about 5% of the recommended daily intake of calories, and a small size pear contains 86 calories – which is less than 5% of the recommended daily calorie intake in a healthy diet.

They are also rich in dietary fiber.

One study was conducted in which 49 between the age of 30 to 50 participated, and they consumed 3 pears or apples or oat cookies. The results showed that the women that ate apples or pears were losing weight and the group that ate oat cookies did not.

It is also recommended to eat the apples and pear without peeling them, to get all the healthy benefits.

  1. Grapefruit

Grapefruit is considered as the most powerful food for burning fat. It promotes the production of cholecystoknin – which suppresses the hunger and also has a ‘negative calorie’ – which makes it to burn more calories than it actually has.

It is also efficient in lowering the kevels of insulin and as a result it hinders the fat buildup.

So it is recommended to eat a lot of grapefruit, whether for lunch or breakfast. The pulpy and unsweetened juice of grapefruit also offers numerous health benefits.

  1. Whole Grain

Eating whole grain in moderate amount can provide various health benefits, instead of consuming not refined, white bread. Consume whole grain cord, sorghum, barley, brown rice, quinoa, wild rice, whole oats and buckwheat.

Scientist from the Wake Forrest University discovered that eating 2.5 portions a day can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by 21%. Germ and bran are destroyed in the process of refining and they are actually the most nutritious ingredients.

  1. Salmon

Salmon is rich in beneficial nutrients such as Omega-3 fatty acids (4,023mg per 178 grams of salmon), and they can improve the mood and the brain function.

The Omega 3 is also beneficial in hindering metabolic disease and obesity, aid in the digestion process and soothes inflammation. Salmon is very rich in amino acids and proteins that can increase the efficiency of insulin and treat the inflammation of the digestive tract.

Salmon is abundant in iodine, helps in ameliorating the thyroid gland function.

  1. Grapes

Grapes are very rich in phytonutrients like polyphenol and phenols, and this gives them potent anti-inflammatory properties that can hinder metabolic disease, inflammation and obesity.

The American Diabetes Association has proved that the polyphenols can hinder oxidative stress caused by fructose and also ameliorate insulin sensitivity. But on the other hand, grapes are also abundant in fructose and calories, so it is not recommended to eat more than 1 -5 cups a day.

  1. Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is commonly used in various desserts because of its characteristic natural sweetness. Sweet potato is also rich in anti-inflammatory nutrients and antioxidants that can improve the function of the digestive system, heart and the eyes.

Sweet potato also has a low Glycemic index – which is the speed that it frees sugar in the bloodstream.

It is also abundant in dietary fiber and it has the ability to control the blood sugar regulation, which is helpful in keeping the pace of digestion steady, and as a result it gives sufficient time for the digestive tract to transform the starches into simple sugars.

It is best to eat boiled sweet potato.

  1. Green Tea

Green tea is the long kept secret of Chinese and Japanese people who are never obese, because it has the ability to burn the extra fat. This is due to its content of Epigallocatechin gallate-EGCG and caffeine the two most powerful ingredients in burning fat.

Green tea also is full with sufficient amount of caffeine to increase aerobic performance and burn fat, and the EGCG is an antioxidant that has the ability to augment the level of norenephrine which is a hormone that produces energy by breaking down the fat cells.

  1. Pomegranate

Pomegranate is rich in fiber, Folate, potassium and vitamins C and K. it is also abundant in daily nutrients that can improve the blood circulation and also ameliorate the exercise performance, and thus it is recommended to consume it prior to exercising.

There are many ways you can consume pomegranate – as an extract supplement, as a juice or as a whole.

  1. Eggs

The recommended daily dosage of cholesterol a day by the USDA is 300 mg and a medium size egg has 161 mg of cholesterol. But it is beneficial as they do not increase the levels of cholesterol, but they actually balance the results.

Eggs are also abundant in omega -3 fatty acids – healthy fat and also in proteins, and they contain few carbohydrates and calories. Eggs are able to lower the appetite and increase the feeling of fullness.

  1. Soup

Consuming a healthy soup provides numerous health benefits and it gives a feeling of satiety. But it is not recommended to consume a creamed-based and cheese soup because they are abundant in calories.

  1. Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are also very beneficial in losing weigh because they give a feeling of fullness. So incorporate more romaine lettuce, kale, spinach because they are rich in fiber and nutrients and contain just few carbohydrates and calories.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

You can dilute apple cider vinegar with water and add it in the salad dressings. It has low amount of calories and rich in acetic acid which can hinder the fat buildup. It has the ability to lower the postprandial glycemia and this ameliorates the insulin sensitivity in diabetes type 2.

  1. Nuts

Nuts are abundant in fiber, omega-3 fatty acids –healthy fats and protein. Consume the nuts that are low in calories like pistachios, almonds and cashews and do not consume macadamia and pecans.

One study was conducted including 65 obese adults ( 70 with diabetes type 2 ), and the results proved that the participants lost 7% more body weight when they incorporated 3-ounce almond supplement combined to the 1,000 calories a day in liquid diet.

  1. Lean Beef

Beef is rich in protein and it is beneficial in losing weight, and it also reduces the craving for about 60%.

Lean beef is rich in Niacin, vitamin B12, protein, zinc, phosphorus and iron. On the contrary, processed meat can actually increase the risk of heart disease.

  1. Chicken Breast

Chicken breast is very rich in protein, and 85 grams of chicken breast has just 2 grams of saturated fats and 22 grams of protein. Eating chicken breast can improve the metabolism and reduces the appetite.

  1. Plain Green Yogurt

Greek yogurt contains a lot of protein and is very low in carbohydrates, sodium and sugar. By being low in carbohydrates it is also low in lactose.

But, it is also abundant in probiotics that can regulate the bad bacteria and improve digestion. It is recommended to consume plain, unsweetened and unflavored Greek yogurt, and you can incorporate it in your vegetables, smoothies and various meals.

  1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is abundant in fatty acids that can control the level of blood cholesterol, treat seizures in case of epilepsy and improve the function of the brain.

It is also rich in MCT – medium chain triglycerides which are digested very easy and then they are transformed in energy, and compared to the long chain triglycerides that are converted in fat and stored in the liver.

It has the ability to lower the appetite which results with reduced calorie intake in the day. Coconut oil can be added to many meals and taken in different ways, but the best one is to consume it as a cough syrup using a spoon.

  1. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, omega-3 fatty acids and protein. They are a rich source of protein, and due to that it is used as meat substitute for vegetarians.

They do not contain a lot of calories and they are rich in fiber and thus they are very beneficial in losing weight. You can incorporate them in your cereals, juices, veggies and smoothies.

  1. Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous veggies are low in calories and fat and they are rich in fiber, carotenoids, folic acid (important for pregnant women) and Vitamins A and C and they are mustard greens, turnip, watercress, daikon radish, collard greens, Bok Choy, radish, broccoli, arugula and kale.

They are beneficial in providing the sufficient amounts of these nutrients, and help weight loss and digestion.

  1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon was commonly utilized for many years. It is rich in antioxidants that are able to hinder free radical damage and treat inflammation. Consuming cinnamon on a regular basis can increase lean muscle mass, fasting blood glucose levels and reduces the LDL cholesterol.

It can aid in the digestion process because it can slow down the digestion of carbohydrates in the digestive tract and can lower the glucose level that goes inside the bloodstream.

Cinnamon can be incorporated in your smoothies and desserts.

  1. Red Pepper

Chili peppers are rich in capsaicin which is very powerful I lowering the appetite and burns fat.

Consuming red pepper can promote weight loss. Consuming chili gives a burning sensation in the mouth, and it offers thermogenesis – a process that burns the fat even 20 minutes after eating.

BodyBuilder.com recommends you to read and follow these 6 tips for losing weight:

  • Diversity – it is very important to eat variety of different food.
  • Adequacy – the activity level need to be matched by the amount of food consumed.
  • Nutrient density – it is recommended to eat nutrient rich food because they can lower the high energy dense, and food with low nutrients.
  • Moderation – it is also important to eat moderate amounts of food.
  • Balance – do not eat too much of one type of food.
  • Energy control – it is important not to get over the allowed calorie intake and know exactly the needed amount of energy.

To sum up, consume these types of foods as they speed up the weight loss and promote fat burning. It is also recommended to drink a lot of water so that you hydrate your body and get the healthy benefits from these foods.

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