9 Warning Signs That Your Body is Lacking Water

We all know that water makes up about two-thirds of our body weight, and we can’t survive without it. Every cell, organ and tissue in our body depends on water.

Here in this article we are going to give you a list of signs that your body is lacking water:


When the pressure in our blood vessels drops, it makes it harder for our heart to pump enough oxygen to the brain, and it leads to headaches. That is why when our body is dehydrated one of the first signs is a headache.


If we don’t consume enough water we will feel tired and sleepy. Our blood pressure will be low and we must drink water to correct it.

3.Dry skin and lips

When we are dehydrated our lips and skin are dry. We also sweat less which will inhibit the elimination of toxins from the body.

4.Accelerated heartbeat

The lack of water in our body affects the functions of our heart. It leads to accelerated heartbeat and in some cases can cause a serious heart disorders.


When our body lacks water, the colon is one of the primary areas to draw water from in order to provide fluids for other critical body functions. Without adequate water, wastes move through the large intestines much slower or sometimes not at all, resulting in constipation.

6.Joint pain

All joints have cartilage padding which is composed mainly of water. When the body is dehydrated, the cartilage is weakened and joint repair is slow resulting in pain and discomfort.

7.Weight gain

When you are dehydrated, cells are depleted of energy which causes them to rely. As a result of that, people tend to eat more than previously, but in reality, the body is thirsty.

8.Bad Breath

If the body is dehydrated, we also have a lack of saliva and it allows bacteria to grow in our mouth and cause bad breath.

9.Dark Urine

Drinking enough water makes our urine light to clear yellow. Our kidneys work properly and eliminate all the toxins from the body.

In case of dark urine, our kidneys redirected water back to the body to maintain blood pressure and mineral balance. It is an urgent sign and if you notice it you must drink plenty of water.

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