8 Signs Your Nails Give Out That Can Save Your Life!

Most people don’t even think about their fingernails and usually take them for granted. However, scientists have confirmed that our fingernails can say a lot about our health and show us what our body needs.

Put your hand out in front of your face and take a good, hard look at your nails. How do they appear? Do they have dips or ridges? What’s their color? Are they twisted or straight? All of this can tell you if you’re suffering from some kind of problem or potential health risk. Here are 8 signs of serious diseases that show on your fingernails:

Thickened fingernails

If your nails are thick and look awful, you might be suffering from circulatory or respiratory problems. Thick and rough nails can also indicate a fungal infection which needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. Psoriasis and thyroid problems can also cause thickened fingernails, and there are some medications that can thicken them as well.

Different colors

The color of your nails and lunula can say a lot about your health. For example, green fingernails are usually caused by infections, while red streaks on the lunula indicate cardiovascular infections. Blue nails mean low amounts of oxygen in the blood, while dull-colored nails indicate nutrient deficiencies. Dark streaks on the fingernails can be a symptom of congestive cardiovascular problems, while white nails indicate hepatitis and various liver problems.

Concave fingernails

If your fingernails look like a spoon, you might be suffering from iron deficiency, heart problems or hypothyroidism. Once you resolve the problem, they should regain their normal shape.

Divided nails

If your nails are divided, you are probably suffering from vitamin D or protein deficiency or low folic acid levels. If your nails are pitted, you are suffering from psoriasis.

Nail ridges

Ridges on the nails are always a bad sign and indicate lupus, iron deficiency or arthritis.

Pitted fingernails

Pitted fingernails are usually a result of injury, but they might also be a symptom of zinc deficienecy, alopecia aerates, psoriasis or tissue problems. Pitted nails should never be taken lightly and the issue should be properly addressed.

Clubbed fingernails

Clubbed fingernails are an indication of liver problems, AIDS or inflammatory bowel disease. If your nails have become clubbed all of a sudden, you should visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Dry and brittle nails

Dry and brittle nails are related to bacterial infections and hormonal imbalance. They may be caused by thyroid problems or yeast infections as well.

As you can see, your fingernails can actually say a lot about your health. Don’t disregard their state – doing so may be your doom!

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