8 advertising lies that we hear about Cosmetics

8 advertising lies that we hear about Cosmetics

Packaging and advertising are the most common factors to determine whether a product has a good quality and whether we want to use them.
Cosmetics expert Paula Begoun thinks that its a no. 1 mistake everyone makes.

Here are the 8 advertising lies that we hear about Cosmetics

1. The more famous brand it is, the better the effects are going to be.

Incorrect, effectiveness is determined by the chemical composition. Regardless of the brand or the store from which the product is purchased, it will not change the effectiveness.


2. There are creams that can stop aging

Unfortunately, such a thing does not exist because no one knows the recipe for the elixir of youth. The only thing these creams and lotions can give you is a clean face, flexible skin and improve pigmentation.


3. Creams will help you get rid of cellulite

If this was true, the models wouldn’t had to use Photoshop. The only way you can achieve this effect is with intense training and internal body care.


4. Tanning is healthy

Exposure to any radiation can’t be healthy. If you want to get at least a little bronze glow is better to use creams and spray tans for that purpose.


5. Organic products are better than ordinary

Organic products are only a marketing method.


6. There are creams that will make your skin smooth

Unfortunately, it’s now how things work. Also stretch mark creams and the creams for dark circles around the eyes don’t work the way you expect. These problems are dealt with much more serious treatments and injections.


7. Sunscreen cream is only for the beach

Incorrect. Cream with SPF factor you use everyday and can keep you from creating new wrinkles, de-pigmentation and loss of collagen.


8. Shampoos can prevent hair loss

No matter what it says on the package, all shampoos have one function – to cleanse the hair. So. Neither the price nor the brand will bring you additional treatment.


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