7 Unexpected Reasons Why Farting Is Good For Your Health

Many people often feel somewhat uncomfortable having the need to expel a fart, or even just talking about it.

The truth is that this topic “taboo” is something very normal and necessary, which we should all assimilate with great naturalness. Flatulence, gas or fart, occur as part of the work of our digestive system; At the moment when certain gaseous wastes of our organism arrive at the intestines, and they are expelled in the form of gases or fart. Getting fart is good for your health and here we will tell you why.

Believe it or not, it’s true! Getting fart is good for your health, and then we give you 7 reasons that justify it.

Before going into detail as to the reasons why farting is good for your health, it is important to keep in mind that the smell and the amount of gas that your body expels, will depend a lot on your eating habits.

1. Reduces swelling

When we eat too much, it is common that we feel swollen and even sometimes, something sore and heavy. To get rid of this feeling, the best thing you can do is lock yourself in the bathroom and fart!

2. Have your colon happy

Did you know that taking the urge to fart can bring serious problems to your colon? When we do this, the sphincter contracts and in the long term, this is something that can generate serious suffering associated with the colon. Do not hold back from farting!

3. Farting is good to know how well your body is.

Generally, it is stimulated that it is normal to throw between 10 and 20 pedos daily, since our body needs it for its correct functioning. Each of us already knows their gases and odors very well, so by increasing or decreasing these gases, or by varying strangely and intensely in their smell, it is likely that something in your body does not go well. This is a very good way to take care of your meals.

4. Breathing these gases is good

It may sound weird and unpleasant, but several scientific studies have already confirmed that breathing hydrogen sulfide (the gas containing the fats) in small amounts is an extremely healthy habit to protect our cells.

5. It helps you balance the diet

Gasses are the best natural and nutritional compass that your body has; Based on them, you will always know what foods affect your body and which are the healthiest for him.

6. The gases indicate that your intestinal flora works well

Foods that cause the most recurrent appearance of gases, such as cabbage or certain vegetables, play a key role in protecting our intestinal flora, favoring our digestion and leading to a better nutritional absorption by our organism.

7. It gives an incredible sensation of relief and relaxation!

You can not avoid assuming that after farting your body feels much lighter and deflated, and you more relaxed.

Expel these gases from our body, will always bring great satisfaction!

Cut the taboo! Farting is good for your health, and no one should feel sorry for it.

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