7 Healthy snacks For People With Diabetes


You should know that the fats in the avocado are actually healthy fats. They are monounsaturated fats that can help to raise the sensitivity to insulin.


Apples are most popular and healthy food. In addition, the glycemic index of this fruit is very small and scores only 39. Remember always to eat fresh raw apples.


This fruit is the best when it comes to low glycemic index. In a pear that is medium in size, there is around 38 GI. You can satisfy your craving for sweet food and at the same time not spike the level of the blood sugar.

Carrot Sticks

The carrots have a high content of fiber. Only one small bowl of baby carrots will keep you full for longer time. Other nutrients in the carrots are magnesium and vitamin C.


Thanks to the rich content of fiber in the oatmeal you will feel full for longer time. However, you should not use sweetener and cream

Greek Yogurt

If you want to control your appetite, lose weight and at the same time stabilize the blood sugar, you should consider to start consuming greek yogurt.

Sunflower Seeds

One cup of sunflower seeds has glycemic index I.E GI score of 40. The seeds when it comes to protein they have high amount, and sunflower seeds have low amounts when it comes to carbohydrates.

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