7 Foods That Contain More Calcium Than Milk

Collard greens

Not only collage greens are high in calcium, but this vegetables offer impressive amounts of phenols.

232 mg calcium per 100 gms .


One particular type that abounds with calcium is cheddar.

500-1000 mg calcium per 100 gms.

Organic yogurt

Yogurt contains more calcium then processed milk. This is one of the best forms of calcium from all dairy products.

500-1000 mg calcium per 100 gms.


It is rich in vitamin K and calcium. Its powerful antioxidant properties protect from colon and prostate cancer.

150 mg calcium per 100 gms.


Due to the high nitrate content,spinach improves cardio vascular system and arterial stiffness thus lowering high blood pressure.

RAW-99 mg calcium per 100 gms.

Sesame seeds

Along with calcium,they contain impressive amounts of dietary fibers and good fats.

075mg calcium per 100 gms


It is loaded with iron and depending  on the manufacturing process it can have more magnesium or calcium.

350 mg calcium per 100 gms.

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