5 Best Food Sources Of Potassium


With one cop of spinach,you can consume around 839 mg of potassium.You can add it to you burger and also in your salad,it is flexible to consume.


The avocado has reach content od potassium.In fact the avocado has more potassium than the banana just one-half of avocado has 478 mg of potassium.

Coconut water

After good work out ,you need to be hydrate  can drink sports drinks water.but bear in mind that the best choice you can do is the coconut water .In one glass there is around 480 mg of potassium.

Sweet potato

It is normal to weigh a sweet potato,but if you do you should know that in one that is 130 g there around 43 mg of potassium.

Plain nonfat yogurt

One serving of eight ounces has around 579 g of potassium n addition.it has a lot of proteins.

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