4 Quick Exercises to Get Rid of Underarm Flab and Back Bulge in 3 Weeks

There are many people that feel embarrassed and uncomfortable in their clothes because they do not like the way their body looks like.

The parts of the body that most people are ashamed of are the Back Bulge and the Underarm Flab. These are the most difficult ones to burn the fat from.

It still does not give the wanted results even thought you work hard with exercises and dieting.

Here in this article you can read about 4 highly efficient exercises in eliminating the fat. These simple exercises can be done at your home by using just your hands, tubing, rubber banding and with a band.

Performing these exercises on a daily basis for the period of 3 weeks you will notice that the Back Bulge and Underarm Flab are eliminated.

  1. Push and touch

Move the stretched arms from the body sides over the head. You can also do this holding hand weights or a band.

When you make this position, stay like that and also move your arms upwards to the shoulders and not over the head. Pull the arms down to the starting position. Perform 3 sets including 6 repetitions.

  1. Bent over circular row

Spread your legs to the width of the shoulders, then lower your body to 90 degrees and then move the dumbbell toward the direction of the other hand, doing this with each hand, then move it upwards toward the back and the chest with circle movements. Perform 3 sets including 10 repetitions.

  1. Crisscross reverse fly

Lean forward at the waist at 90%. Spread the legs just to the width to the shoulders and also lean your knees to improve the stability.

Use a hand weight or a dumbbell in your hands and then bend at the elbows. Your palms need to be turned in the direction of each other. Lift the hand below the height of the shoulder. Perform 3 sets including 10 repetitions.

  1. Elbow kiss

Open the arms and stretch them at height of the shoulders on each side. The palms need to be faced up. Bend the arms at the elbows at 90 degrees.

When you bend them, move the hands forward to close and touch the forearms at the sides. Then go back to the starting position. Perform 3 sets including 10 repetitions.

The simple performance of these exercises in not sufficient to eliminate the accumulated adipose tissue. You need to have consistency, commitment and discipline to achieve optimal results.

These exercises need to be performed on a daily basis and choose the best time for you to do them. If you are doing them properly, it will take 3 weeks for you to eliminate the back bulge and the underarm flab fat.

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