In 30 Minutes and Dose of 1 Cup, You Can Empty the Bowels…

Digestion is not an easy process, is complex and complicated. If this is impeded, overall health is damaged and we cannot get all the nutrients.

Toxins and waste accumulate and make problems.

For this, cleanse at least 2 times per year and have healthy diet. This removes toxins and waste and makes you healthier.

This drink cleans the colon, removes constipation and boosts health.

Apple juice is the best item for colon cleansing with lemon juice too. Get the juice of few apples and blend this.

Drink glass raw apple juice and after half an hour have glass of water. Do this total 3 days, few times daily.

In between have lemon juice to boost this process and add 2 tbsp fresh lemon juice in the apple juice and have this 2 times daily.

In glass lukewarm water add sea salt a pinch, lemon juice, a bit honey and have this prior breakfasts.

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