15 Etiquette Rules That Everyone Should Know

Good manners are very important and they are a sign of politeness. Having good manners means being courteous, having clean and neat appearance, restraining emotions, using proper vocabulary and speaking properly.

Here are fifteen etiquette rules that you should know:

– If you walk with someone, and he/she greets people, you should greet them too, even though you have never seen them before;
-If you check the phone constantly while you are with someone, it could be interpreted as boredom and disinterest. Instead of scrolling the Instagram, dedicate yourself to the people you are with;
-If you are a male, instead of chopstick, while eating sushi, you can use your hands;
-Do not invite people out if you tend to spend the time calling or texting others;
-Always thank people that have helped you because it is a sign of appreciation;
-Ladies should not allow men to carry their bag, while men should always take the coat of the lady to the cloakroom;
-Answer the phone only when it is important and avoid empty conversations;

-Never talk and laugh loudly and stare at people;
-Be careful not to splash the pedestrians when you drive;
-When you are at theater or cinema and walking to the seat, you need to face the people you pass on the way;
-If you have apologized and it was accepted, you shouldn’t do the same mistake again;
-Polite men are respecting women equally;
-Keep the following nine things to yourself: family problems, gifts, medical problems, wealth, affairs, honor, disgrace, religion and age;
-If you are the only who follows a trend, it may be ridiculous to people, regardless how good it looks;
-Regardless of the status, profession or age, you should always greet everyone when you enter somewhere;

These rules are great way to make this world a better place to live in. It is very important to make them part of yourself because they are never out of style.

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