10 Vegetables You Can Regrow Again and Again


Plant asparagus crowns because the seeds need couple of years to mature. make sure that the asparagus roots when waterlogged.


When the cloves sprout, put them in a glass with some water and place the glass outside or on the windowsill. When the sprouts reach a couple of inches, replant them in some large pot and fertile soil.


You can regrow carrots out of carrot tops. You just have to place the carrot tops in a dish with some water and place it in a well-lit place.

Bok Choy

Put the Bok Choy stumps in a dish with some water and place it in a well-lit place for a few weeks. Then you can plant it to a pot with soil and grow a fully new head.


To grow a new lettuce, you just need the bottom of a lettuce head. Place it in a dish with a half inch of water. When you see the first leaves and roots, plant it in a pot with soil or in your garden.


You can regrow scallions out of their discarded roots. Put an inch attached to the root in a glass of water and place the glass in a well-lit place.


To grow new vegetables, use just the celery bottoms. Just cut off the base and place it in a shallow bowl in the sun. Once the leaves start to appear, replant it in soil.


Place the cilantro stems in a glass of water and watch their roots grow. Once the roots are long enough, transfer them into a pot and place it in a lighted room.


Use some basil clippings of 3,4 inches and place them in a glass of water. Expose the glass in direct sunlight. Once the roots become 2 inches, transfer them to pot.


Artichokes should be harvested when they reveal purple flowers. To regrow this plant, you will need a well-drained soil and sunny environment.

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