10 Fitness Myths You Must Stop Believing

We all know that physical activities are essential for our health and look. That is why many people try different sports and follow numerous fitness experts. But there are several myths we all believe in, and we must stop do it immediately.

Here we at Go Fit Stay Fit are going to give you a list of 10 Fitness Myths

1. Myth

Your workout is executive if your muscles are sore afterward.


Pain is caused by microtrauma to the muscle fiber.

2. Myth

Stretching helps reduce muscle soreness.


Stretching is necessary to relax your muscles.

3. Myth

The longer you workout, the better is the result you get.


The most important factor is the quality of your workout, not its duration.

4. Myth

You have to workout as often as possible.


Rest period between workouts should last for upwards of two or three days.

5. Myth

Power exercises make women look bulky.


Power exercise makes a woman’s body look fitter and more beautiful.

6. Myth

If your exercise your diet doesn’t matter.


The desired result can be only achieved if you eat healthily.

7. Myth

Exercising while wearing neoprene will help burn your fat.


The “greenhouse effect” can harm your health.

8. Myth

My friend’s workout routine will also help me lose weight.


Workout programs should be individually tailored for everyone.

9. Myth

Your scales reveal the results of your workout.


Using measuring tape is the best way to keep track of your progress.

10. Myth

In the first instance, you lose weight in stubborn areas.


In the first instance, you burn body fat in the areas you didn’t target.

Bellow are also several nutrition myths which our team find out to be extremely important for your health:

–    Eating extra proteins automatically builds more muscles

–    Cholesterol -free foods are heart- healthy

–    Eating fish is the best way to get heart-healthy omega-3 fats

–    Athletes don’t get osteoporosis

–    If you are craving certain foods, it’s because your body needs the nutrients they provide.

–    Dark bread is more nutritious than white bread

–    Since herbs and natural, all herbal products are safe

–    Water is all I need to rehydrate after exercise

–    I should drink eight glasses of water a day

–    Black eggs are more nutritious than white

–    Eating after 6 pm makes you gain weight

–    Granola bars are super healthy

–    Fat consumption improves stamina

If you want to get fit and maintain your health, you must work hard for it and stop believing everything you hear about fitness and nutrition. Every person is a different individual who has different needs, and it must follow his instincts and signs his body is giving to him. Only in this way, it will achieve its goals without side-effects and problems.

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